Monday, October 11, 2010

Our plans are sometimes not God's plans...

So to start off I'm sorry I have not updated in a while but here's what is going on:

I went through with my knee surgery and it went well. Instead of finding just one tear in my meniscus there were two! Crazy, I know. The Doctor said that doesn't happen often but let me tell you I am far from the normal person!  I had my wisdom teeth removed and they had marked me down for just having 4 wisdom teeth (which is normal) but guess how many I had! Ready for this? 6 yes SIX!  Yuppers two extra teeth, but I guess that makes a bit more wise then the average Joe? Ha☺.  Another quick one, I had my adenoids removed when I was younger and they are not supposed to grow back but mine did.  Now do you see what I mean, I am far from the normal average Joe type of girl.

Anyway back on topic, the knee surgery went well but sure did knock me off my feet. After 3 weeks I am finally back to driving but am still a bit stiff and sore at times. Boy did I miss being behind the wheel.

During my down time I decided to go on a new "adventure."  I am starting classes in a few weeks to become a....drum roll please......Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Phlebotomist

I have prayed about it a lot and have thought..."Is this the right thing to do?" I mean I totally though Missionary school was what God wanted me to do right now but even when you don’t see or understand why He does some things and think the timing could not have been worse, He already has something else ready and waiting. He knows what the best thing is for you and I guess I had to learn that the hard way.  I have to admit I was beyond upset when I found out I had to have surgery a week before I had to leave for YWAM but now I see that God had other plans for me and sometimes my plans are not His plans.

I’m going to leave it as that for right now 1 because I am super tired and 2 because I can't think of a better way to end it♥